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Add-Ons: Eight Components to Add to your Journal
Life Journal Windows is a journal software for everyone.Add specialised content listed below, Addons ,to reflect your particular interest.
Writers Add-On Windows:$19.95
Written by author and writing coach Sheila Bender, this Add-On is perfect if you love to write, and aspire to be or already are a professional writer.
Emotional Balance Add-On Windows:$19.95
Written by psychologist and author of Writing for Emotional Balance, this Add-On is all about helping you manage your emotions and keeping your emotional balance.
Creativity Add-On Windows:$19.95
Written by Dr. Eric Maisel, foremost creativity coach, this Add-On asks you insightful questions and offers you encouragement to bring out your creativity.
Spirituality Add-On Windows:$19.95
Written by Mark Matousek, acclaimed memoirist, best selling international author and spiritual seeker, this Add-On was created to develop your writing for greater self-awareness.
Christian Add-On Windows:$19.95
Written by Dr. Bob Climko, this Add-On is designed to help you practice Christian principles in your writing and in your life.
Staying Sober Add-On Windows:$19.95
Written by Dr. Dennis Daley, author of recovery books and guides, and professor of Psychiatry , this Add-On was specifically created for those who want to stay sober and prevent relapse from alcohol and drugs.
Divorce Add-On Windows:$19.95
Written by Pamela Wynn, social worker and attorney, this Add-On was developed to help you deal with the challenges of divorce.
Educators Add-On Windows:$19.95
Written by Kathy Larson, educator and teacher, this Add-On is for teachers and school administrators who want to reflect on their work and personal lives.
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